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  1. Discovering line B of the Toulouse metroDiscovering line B of the Toulouse metro: a journey to the heart of the Pink City
  2. History of line B of the Toulouse metro
  3. Toulouse Metro Line B stations
  4. Toulouse Metro Line B timetable
  5. Fares, tickets and season tickets
    1. 1. Single ticket :
    2. 2. Return ticket :
    3. 3. 10-trip ticket :
    4. 4. Day Pass :
    5. 5. Week Pass :
    6. 6. Monthly pass :
    7. 7. Annual Pass :
  6. Frequency on line B of the Toulouse metro
  7. Attractions near line B stations
    1. 1. Borderouge station:
    2. 2. La Vache station:
    3. 3. Jean-Jaurès station:
    4. 4. Rangueil station:
    5. 3. Ramonville station:
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Discovering line B of the Toulouse metroDiscovering line B of the Toulouse metro: a journey to the heart of the Pink City

Hi, if you find yourself in Toulouse, don't forget to take line B of the metro. It's the most incredible way to visit major and minor sites from Borderouge to Ramonville.

After four fabulous years of exceptional service on metro line A, 1997 marked the start of plans to extend line A and launch construction of line B. Fast forward to 30 June 2007, and France has unveiled one of its precious jewels, line B, bringing revolutionary change to Toulouse. Today, the Ville Rose is a major attraction for tourists from all over the world.

This service is not just for locals; exotic travellers are also hooked. Thousands of people around the world use this service every day, and not just locals. And do you know why? This captivating public transport system guarantees a fast, well-planned and completely comfortable journey to your exact destination.

So, if you want to find out more about Toulouse Metro Line B, this article is your must-read guide. We've covered everything from timetables to tickets and stations, as well as a look at the history of line B. Stay tuned for everything you need to know!

History of line B of the Toulouse metro

Let's start with the history. In 1993, the inaugural Toulouse Metro project marked an important milestone with the introduction of Line A of the Toulouse Metro. As demand grew, the need for an additional line became clear.

This led to the planning of line B in 1997. Preparatory work on line B from Borderouge to Ramonville and the extension of line A began in 2001 and was completed on 30 June 2007.

Since its inauguration, Line B has experienced growing demand and has played a central role in the city's social, political, architectural and economic development. The line initially comprised 20 stations along a 15.7-kilometre (9.8-mile) route. Car parks have been strategically added at Borderouge and Ramonville stations. In addition, new bus stations have been built at Borderouge, Paul Sabatier University and Ramonville.

Work on the metro line
Work on the metro line

In January 2006, the Mayor of Toulouse, Jean-Luc Moudenc, called for a rapid decision on the southern extension of line B. This extension project comprised 2.5 kilometres (1.6 miles) of elevated track, including a crossing of the Canal du Midi and the A61 motorway.

This included four stations and ended at Labège, Innopole. Initially estimated at 330 million euros, the extension was due to open in 2019. However, the project was revised due to the priority given to a third metro line, and the shortened version is now expected to open in 2027.

Toulouse Metro Line B stations

If you're from Toulouse, you probably already know. Line B runs from Borderouge to Ramonville. But did you know that it's 15.7 kilometres long and has 20 stations? Incredible! The stations you can visit with the following line B are listed below:

Metro Toulouse Line B
Metro Toulouse Line B

Toulouse Metro Line B timetable

Curious to know when and how often line B of the Toulouse metro runs? Well, you're in luck! Like line A, Toulouse's line B opens at 5.15am every day. However, the two lines close at different times each day. Line B closes at midnight from Monday to Thursday, and at 3am on Fridays and Saturdays. From Sunday to Wednesday, the B lines run regularly from 5.15am to 12.00pm.

Waiting time between each route :

DayPeriodWaiting time
Every dayWhen the service starts9 minutes
Every dayFrom 1h30 to 2h157 minutes
Every dayFrom 2h15 to 3h0010 minutes
Monday to FridayDuring off-peak hours5 minutes
Monday to FridayDuring closing hours5 minutes
Monday to FridayPeak hours1 minute 20 secondes
Monday to FridayFrom 9.30 p.m. to 1.30 a.m.7 minutes
Fridays and SaturdaysFrom 9.30 p.m. to 1.30 a.m.4 minutes
Sundays and public holidaysDuring off-peak hours7 minutes

The B line timetables give you all the details so you can catch the metro at a time that suits you. You will know what time to expect these regular journeys and if there are any special holiday adjustments.

Waiting time between routes :

DayOpening hours
Sunday00:00 - 23:58
Monday00.00am - 11.55pm
Tuesday00:00 - 23:53
Wednesday00:00 - 23:53
Thursday00:00 - 23:53
Friday00:00 - 23:56
Saturday00.01am - 11.56pm

Fares, tickets and season tickets

Unlike other means of transport, a trip on the Toulouse metro won't break the bank. It's quite reasonably priced, so you can buy a ticket to experience all the charming and picturesque moments from Borderouge to Ramonville. The price description is given below.

Purchase a metro ticket
Purchase a metro ticket

1. Single ticket :

A single ticket will cost you just €1.7. It will be valid for one hour's travel.

2. Return ticket :

This ticket offers two journeys, each valid for one hour. It costs just €3.40.

3. 10-trip ticket :

This ticket offers ten individual journeys, each valid for one hour, for just €13.40.

4. Day Pass :

The Day Pass offers unlimited travel on metro, tram and bus lines throughout the day. It costs €6.30.

5. Week Pass :

Costing €22.50, the Week Pass offers unlimited travel on the metro, bus and tram lines for an entire week.

6. Monthly pass :

The monthly pass costs €49.50 for people aged between 26 and 64; under-26s pay €10 and over-64s pay €20.

7. Annual Pass :

The annual pass costs €495 for those aged 26 to 64. It costs €100 for under-26s and €200 for over-65s.

Frequency on line B of the Toulouse metro

Let's talk about the frequency of arrivals on line B of the Toulouse metro. In simple terms, you don't need to look at your watch repeatedly because it offers a fairly gentle frequency, averaging between 3 and 5 minutes.

And here's the icing on the cake! These timetables are also flexible! If more people want to take the metro, they can change the timetable to meet demand. So there's no need to worry about long waits. Additional information: the total journey time for this route is approximately 27 minutes.

Sunday4-5 minutes
Monday4-7 minutes
Tuesday2-5 minutes
Wednesday2-5 minutes
Thursday2-5 minutes
Friday2-5 minutes
Saturday2-5 minutes

Attractions near line B stations

Alright, let's see how line B of the Toulouse metro supports you when it comes to getting around the city without hassle. No matter where you go in Toulouse, there's likely to be a line B station nearby.

That means you won't waste precious time figuring out how to get where you want to be! Now, for the fun part, check out the cool places near some of the B line stations:

1. Borderouge station:

This spot is your cool hub. You've got Metronum for the musical atmosphere, Amis et Fines Herbes for gourmet adventures and Marche Victor Hugo for your stroll to the market.

2. La Vache station:

Get ready for a treat for your senses. From Fromageri Xavier for cheese delights to De Neuville for sweet treats and Jardin Pierre Goudouli for a tranquil escape - La Vache has it all.

3. Jean-Jaurès station:

The one-stop shop for good times! If relaxation is on your mind, Siam Bien-être Massage et Spa is the place to be. And for your evening plans, take a trip to the Thirsty Monk Pub. Your ticket to relaxation and a great night out!

4. Rangueil station:

History, street ambience and ice skating - that's what Rangueil has to offer. Explore Fac Médecine for a touch of academia, stroll down rue Caubère for a local vibe and visit the Bellevue skating rink for a fun ice-skating session.

3. Ramonville station:

Ready for some adventures hand-picked by other explorers? L'Argonaute is your rendezvous for an artistic atmosphere, while the Ferme Pédagogique de Cinquante is a must-visit for a delicious farm experience.

What's happening on Edge?

And that's not all: by 2023, they were already thinking big, with plans to extend the platforms on line A to accommodate 390,000 passengers a day. There's even talk of creating new stations on line A, which will serve the Saint-Simon district. And guess what? Just as they did with line B, they're planning to increase the number of stations from Borderouge to L'Union. Talk about a metro makeover in the making!

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