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Discover Canal du Midi Station: A Jewel of the Toulouse Metro

Bienvenue à la station Canal du Midi, an emblematic stop on Toulouse Metro's Line B. Nestled between the Compans-Caffarelli and Les Minimes neighborhoods, this station offers much more than mere metro access: it embodies a true symbiosis between historical heritage and contemporary innovation. Let's delve into the depths of this underground halt to discover all it has to offer.

Situation and History

Strategically situated between the Minimes Claude Nougaro station to the north and Compans Caffarelli to the south, Canal du Midi is more than just a stop on Line B. Its fascinating history dates back to its construction, which required diverting the waters of the famous Canal du Midi for several months. Inaugurated on June 30, 2007, in the presence of illustrious figures such as Jean-Louis Borloo, this station has since welcomed millions of travelers.

In 2018, no fewer than 1,917,486 travelers passed through its doors, making Canal du Midi one of the busiest stations in the Toulouse network. Its impressive architecture, designed by talented architects Bruno Casalta, Olivier Gorget, and Jérémie Harter, along with artist Daniel Pommereulle's monumental artwork, make it a place of great interest.

What is the previous stop and the next stop?

Line B

Minimes station

Address: Borderouge


Canal du Midi station


Compans-Caffarelli station

Address: Ramonville

Passenger Services

Access and Reception

Canal du Midi station is ideally located between downtown Toulouse and the Minimes district. It has two entrances, each equipped with elevators, stairs, and an escalator to ensure accessibility for all. Whether on Boulevard de l'Embouchure or Boulevard de la Marquette, travelers can easily access this station, bordered by the tranquil waters of the Canal du Midi.


Like the entire Toulouse network, departures from the Borderouge and Ramonville terminals start as early as 5:15 a.m., ensuring efficient service from the early hours of dawn until late at night. Whether for commuting, city exploration, or enjoying nightlife, Canal du Midi offers flawless accessibility.


Canal du Midi station is also a vital interconnection point with the Tisséo bus network, providing travelers with a seamless transition between metro and bus. Lines 15 and 70, as well as the Navette Cimetières, facilitate travel within the city, allowing travelers to easily reach their final destination.

How to get to Canal du Midi station on the Toulouse metro?



Art in the Station

The visual experience at Canal du Midi extends beyond its striking architecture. Daniel Pommereulle's artwork, consisting of four monumental sculptures, enhances the station's space. Using materials such as glass, copper, porcelain, and bronze, Pommereulle offers travelers a unique aesthetic experience in harmony with the aquatic environment of the Canal du Midi.


In addition to its transport hub function, Canal du Midi is surrounded by major points of interest. From the Haute-Garonne Departmental Council to the Central Police Headquarters, and the Hélène Boucher Vocational High School, the station is at the heart of a dynamic and lively neighborhood.

Which line does Canal du Midi station belong to?

More information

Canal du Midi station embodies both the past and present of Toulouse, offering travelers a unique experience where history blends with modernity. Whether for its cutting-edge facilities, exemplary accessibility, or rich artistic heritage, this station remains a must-visit on the Toulouse metro.

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