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  1. Discover Rangueil: An Emblematic Metro Station in Toulouse
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    1. Sauzelong station
    2. Rangueil station
    3. Faculté de Pharmacie station
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Discover Rangueil: An Emblematic Metro Station in Toulouse

Welcome to Rangueil, an essential metro station located in the magnificent eponymous district of Toulouse. Let's delve into the history, unique features, and services offered by this emblematic destination.

Geographic Location

Nestled in the heart of the Rangueil district, in the southeast of the pink city, Rangueil station is an essential access point for Toulouse residents and visitors. It fits into the dynamic urban landscape of the region, between the Saouzelong station to the north and the Faculté-de-Pharmacie station to the south.

What is the previous stop and the next stop?

Line B

Sauzelong station

Address: Borderouge


Rangueil station


Faculté de Pharmacie station

Address: Ramonville

History and Evolution

Opened on June 30, 2007, Rangueil station has undergone significant evolution since its inception. Initially equipped with an 8-gate platform, it has adapted to the growing needs of its users. In 2016, it recorded 1,328,776 validations, demonstrating its importance in the Toulouse transport network. In 2018, no fewer than 1,369,573 travelers passed through its doors, making it one of the busiest stations on Line B.

Services and Accessibility

Access and Reception

Rangueil station, located at street level on Emile Guyou Street, offers optimal accessibility with an elevator, staircase, and escalator. At the foot of numerous buildings, it serves as a true convergence point for travelers. Automatic ticket machines are also available, ensuring a smooth and pleasant experience.

Train Service and Schedule

Like the entire Toulouse metro network, Rangueil provides quality service, with regular departures to the Borderouge and Ramonville terminals. The first departures start at 5:15 am, with services running until midnight from Sunday to Thursday and until 3:00 am on Friday and Saturday, offering great flexibility to travelers.


Rangueil station is fully integrated into the urban transport network, with connections provided by lines 23 and 80 of the Tisséo network. This intermodality enhances its strategic position, facilitating travel and exchanges within the city.

How to get to Rangueil station on the Toulouse metro?



Art and Culture

Art is present at Rangueil station, with an artwork created by talented artists Claude Caillol and Judith Bartolani. Through carefully arranged plastic bags and other objects behind a glass partition, travelers are invited to discover a unique artistic universe, in harmony with the neighborhood's atmosphere.

Nearby Attractions

In addition to its intrinsic characteristics, Rangueil station offers privileged access to various points of interest in Toulouse. Nearby, you can explore the residential area of Rangueil, the INSA de Toulouse, and the Jules-Julien Theater, offering a range of cultural activities and discoveries.

Which line does Rangueil station belong to?

More information

Rangueil station perfectly embodies the dynamic and welcoming spirit of Toulouse. Its rich history, quality services, and harmonious integration into the urban fabric make it a true gem of the Toulouse transport network. Whether you're a resident or a visitor, don't miss the opportunity to discover this emblematic destination on your next visit to Toulouse!

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