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    1. Compans-Caffarelli station
    2. Jeanne d'Arc station
    3. Jean-Jaurès station
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Discover the Jeanne d'Arc Station of the Toulouse Metro

Welcome to the Jeanne d'Arc station, a gem of the Toulouse metro network, located in the Matabiau district in the heart of the Pink City.

Location and Features

The Jeanne d'Arc station is ideally located on Boulevard de Strasbourg, between the Matabiau and Saint-Georges neighborhoods. It is underground, with two tracks and two platforms, thus providing smooth access for passengers. With two well-positioned entrances on the sidewalks of Boulevard de Strasbourg, it ensures optimal accessibility for travelers.

The geographical coordinates of the station are 43° 36' 31" north, 1° 26' 43" east, offering precise location for those planning their journey.

What is the previous stop and the next stop?

Line B

Compans-Caffarelli station

Address: Borderouge


Jeanne d’Arc station


Jean-Jaurès station

Address: Ramonville

History and Inauguration

The history of the Jeanne d'Arc station dates back to its inauguration on June 30, 2007, simultaneous with the opening of Line B as a whole. Initially, the station had a platform with 11 gates, limiting the capacity of trains to two cars. Its name pays tribute to Joan of Arc, the legendary heroine of French history, symbolizing courage and determination.

In 2018, the station welcomed no less than 4,164,768 passengers, making it one of the busiest stations in the Toulouse metro network.

Passenger Services

The Jeanne d'Arc station offers a full range of services to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of travelers. The two entrances of the station, located opposite each other on the sidewalks of Boulevard de Strasbourg, facilitate passenger access. Automatic ticket machines are also available for purchasing tickets, providing a convenient and hassle-free experience.

As for service frequency, the station operates according to the usual Toulouse metro schedule, with the first departure at 5:15 AM and the last departure at midnight from Sunday to Wednesday, and at 3 AM on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, ensuring optimal connectivity for travelers.

Intermodality and Accessibility

The Jeanne d'Arc station plays a crucial role as a major interchange hub, offering convenient connections with numerous bus lines serving the northern neighborhoods of Toulouse and the city center. Travelers can also benefit from direct access to the station's bus terminal, facilitating their intermodal journeys.

How to get to Jeanne d'Arc station on the Toulouse metro?



Art in the Station

The architecture of the Jeanne d'Arc station is enhanced by an artwork created by the renowned artist Sophie Calle. Poetic messages scroll on a screen, written by individuals wishing to see again someone they met by chance in the metro, adding an artistic and emotional dimension to the travelers' experience.

To celebrate the first year of Line B, Tisséo partnered with the design agency KLD-Design and the local artist Chat Maigre to embellish eight elevator cabins of the line, including Jeanne d'Arc's, offering passengers a unique aesthetic experience.

Nearby Attractions

The Jeanne d'Arc station provides privileged access to numerous iconic sites in Toulouse, such as the Basilica of Saint-Sernin, the Saint-Raymond Museum, the Saint-Sernin and Ozenne High Schools, the Cinémathèque de Toulouse, the ABC Cinemas, the open-air market, and the Municipal Library. This proximity to the city's major attractions makes it an essential hub for both visitors and residents.

Which line does Jeanne d'Arc station belong to?

More information

The Jeanne d'Arc station perfectly embodies the essence of the Toulouse metro, combining functionality, accessibility, and aesthetics. Whether you are a daily commuter or an occasional visitor, this station offers you an exceptional travel experience, enriched by its rich history and unique artistic ambiance.

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