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  1. Discovery of Ramonville: The Dazzling Metro Station of Toulouse
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    1. Ramonville station
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  6. How to get to Ramonville station on the Toulouse metro?
  7. Unique Artwork
  8. Service and Connectivity
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Discovery of Ramonville: The Dazzling Metro Station of Toulouse

Welcome to Ramonville, a gem of Toulouse's underground transport network. Located on the charming Avenue Flora Tristan, this station dazzles with its ingenious architecture and strategic importance for the city. Join us for an in-depth exploration of this remarkable stop, where history, art, and functionality harmoniously converge.

Location and History

Ramonville, inaugurated on June 30, 2007, proudly stands as the southern terminus of Toulouse's Metro Line B. Nestled in Ramonville-Saint-Agne, it distinguishes itself as the only station on this line to extend beyond the boundaries of the city of Toulouse. This privileged geographical location bestows upon it an essential role in the metropolitan transport network.

What is the next station?

Line B

Ramonville station


Architecture and Design

As one approaches Ramonville, the first striking feature is its western entrance, a true architectural masterpiece. Designed by the talented Jacques Munvez and Alain Castel, this entrance welcomes travelers with elegance and modernity. The ingenuity of its design allows natural light to penetrate deep into the station, creating a welcoming and luminous atmosphere.

Services and Amenities

Ramonville station, mindful of travelers' comfort, offers a range of impeccable services and amenities. With two entrances on either side of Avenue Flora Tristan, access is easy and convenient for all. Furthermore, the layout of the platforms, equipped with 12 gates, allows for smooth passenger flow and can accommodate trains up to 52 meters and 4 cars.

How to get to Ramonville station on the Toulouse metro?



Unique Artwork

A remarkable feature of Ramonville station is its captivating artwork, created by the talented artist Jean-Pierre Bertrand. This artwork cleverly merges the literary and digital aspects of the word "RAMONVILLE," offering travelers a unique visual and intellectual experience. Each letter is associated with a corresponding number in the alphabet, creating an intriguing symbiosis between the two worlds.

Service and Connectivity

As a hub of Toulouse's transport network, Ramonville offers exceptional connectivity. Served by multiple bus lines, including Linéo L6 and lines 27, 37, 79, 88, 111, 112, and 119 of Tisséo, it ensures optimal connectivity with other neighborhoods of the city. Additionally, its spacious park-and-ride facility with 1,050 spaces facilitates parking for travelers keen on using public transport.

Future Projects and Outlook

By 2026, Ramonville will evolve further to meet the city's changing needs. An extension of the line is planned, with two new stations: Parc du Canal and Labège Madron. This expansion underscores Toulouse's continued commitment to providing a modern and efficient transport network for its residents and visitors.

Cultural Significance

Ramonville transcends its utilitarian function; it is also a symbolic location in local culture. It's where the famous photo for the cover of Orelsan's album "La fête est finie" was taken, immortalizing the station's artistic and urban essence.

Which line does Ramonville station belong to?

More information

Ramonville station stands out for its harmonious combination of innovative architecture, inspiring artwork, and quality services. As the southern gateway to Toulouse's Metro Line B, it plays an essential role in urban mobility and perfectly embodies the dynamic and cosmopolitan spirit of the Pink City.

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