Saint-Agne SNCF metro station

  1. Discover Saint-Agne - SNCF: A Vibrant Metro Station in Toulouse
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  3. What is the previous stop and the next stop?
    1. Empalot station
    2. Saint-Agne SNCF station
    3. Sauzelong station
  4. Accessibility and Infrastructure
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    2. Intermodality and Connections
  6. How to get to Saint-Agne SNCF station on the Toulouse metro?
  7. Art and Culture
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Discover Saint-Agne - SNCF: A Vibrant Metro Station in Toulouse

Welcome to Saint-Agne - SNCF, a lively station located in the heart of Toulouse, offering easy access to various neighborhoods of the city as well as regional rail transportation. In this article, we delve into detail about this dynamic station, its fascinating history, services for travelers, and extensive intermodality.

Location and History

The Saint-Agne - SNCF station, inaugurated on June 30, 2007, is an essential link in the Toulouse metro network, specifically on line B. Nestled in the eponymous district, it enjoys a strategic position southeast of the city, in close proximity to the Toulouse-Saint-Agne station, thus facilitating connections with TER Occitanie trains.

What is the previous stop and the next stop?

Line B

Empalot station

Address: Borderouge


Saint-Agne SNCF station


Sauzelong station

Address: Ramonville

Accessibility and Infrastructure

Accessible from two entrances along Avenue de l'URSS, the station warmly welcomes travelers. Equipped with two elevators, two staircases, and an escalator, it ensures optimal accessibility for all users, including those with reduced mobility. Moreover, the presence of automatic ticket machines facilitates the purchase of tickets, making travel smooth and convenient.

Services for Travelers

Service and Schedule

The Saint-Agne - SNCF station provides regular service throughout the day, following the schedules of the Toulouse metro. Departures start at 5:15 am and continue until midnight on weekdays, and until 3:00 am on Fridays and Saturdays. This consistency guarantees increased accessibility for residents and visitors of the city, facilitating their daily travel.

Intermodality and Connections

Thanks to its advantageous geographical location, the station offers extensive intermodality. It allows direct connection with the SNCF network via the Toulouse-Saint-Agne station, ensuring efficient connections with lines 12, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, and 28 of the TER Occitanie network. Additionally, Tisséo bus lines 34 and 115 also serve the station, further enhancing its accessibility and connectivity with other modes of transportation.

How to get to Saint-Agne SNCF station on the Toulouse metro?



Art and Culture

Artistic Works

The Saint-Agne - SNCF station is not just a transit point; it is also a place of artistic discovery. A remarkable work by artist Nicolas Hérubel adorns the space, showcasing scenes of daily life. Moreover, on the occasion of the first anniversary of line B, elevator cabins were decorated by the KLD-Design agency in collaboration with local artist Chat Maigre, adding an extra artistic touch to the travelers' experience.

Which line does Saint-Agne SNCF station belong to?

More information

The Saint-Agne - SNCF station embodies the very essence of urban life in Toulouse. From its optimal accessibility to its cultural ambiance, it offers a rewarding travel experience to all who frequent it. Whether for daily commuting or tourist exploration, this dynamic station remains a must-visit landmark in the Toulouse urban landscape, a true symbol of connection and vitality.

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