Minimes metro station

  1. Discovery of Minimes - Claude Nougaro Station in Toulouse
  2. Location and History
  3. What is the previous stop and the next stop?
    1. Barrière de Paris station
    2. Minimes station
    3. Canal du Midi station
  4. Architecture and Art
  5. Services and Accessibility
  6. How to get to Minimes station on the Toulouse metro?
  7. Attendance and Intermodality
  8. Proximity and Environment
  9. Which line does Minimes station belong to?
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Discovery of Minimes - Claude Nougaro Station in Toulouse

The Minimes - Claude-Nougaro station, located in the charming quartier des Minimes in the north of Toulouse, is a joy of the metro of the rose city. Plongeons in the history, the characteristics and the services offered by these emblematic stops.

Location and History

Inaugurée le 30 juin 2007, la station rend hommage au célèbre artiste toulousain Claude Nougaro, né dans ce quartier et dont l'empreinte artistique continue de marquer la ville. Avec son architecture subtile et son accueillante ambiance, it constitutes a symbolic link between l'art and urban mobilité.

What is the previous stop and the next stop?

Line B

Barrière de Paris station

Address: Borderouge


Minimes station


Canal du Midi station

Address: Ramonville

Architecture and Art

Designed by architects Brunerie and Irissou, the station stands out for its contemporary and functional design. The artwork present in the station, created by Olivier Mosset and Damien Aspe, adds a unique artistic dimension to the travelers' experience. This artwork, consisting of a red and blue pastel, creates a striking visual atmosphere, reflecting the creative essence of the city.

Services and Accessibility

Minimes - Claude-Nougaro station offers convenient access with its two entrances located along Avenue des Minimes. It is equipped with automatic ticket machines facilitating the purchase of tickets, ensuring a smooth and accessible experience for all travelers.

How to get to Minimes station on the Toulouse metro?



Attendance and Intermodality

With nearly 1.5 million passengers in 2018, the station ranks among the busiest in the Toulouse network. In addition to the metro, it is served by line 29 of the Tisséo network, offering efficient and practical intermodality for urban travel.

Proximity and Environment

Located near the Claude Nougaro school group and the Minimes church, the station is at the heart of a dynamic and lively neighborhood. The nearby VélôToulouse facilities also offer alternative mobility options, further integrating it into the urban ecosystem.

Which line does Minimes station belong to?

More information

Minimes - Claude-Nougaro station perfectly embodies the alliance between art, history, and functionality in Toulouse's urban landscape. By offering a harmonious blend of modern architecture, inspiring artwork, and efficient services, it positions itself as an essential element of daily life for the residents and visitors of the pink city.

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