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  1. Discover Borderouge: a vibrant metro station in Toulouse
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Discover Borderouge: a vibrant metro station in Toulouse

Welcome to Borderouge, a vibrant metro station located in the eponymous district to the north of the enchanting city of Toulouse. We invite you to take an in-depth look at this urban oasis, which plays a vital role in the city's transport network.

Location and history

Borderouge, inaugurated on 30 June 2007, is a vital northern terminus of line B of the Toulouse metro. Nestling between the boulevard André Netwiller and the carré de la Maourine, this underground station provides a platform for exchanges with several bus lines and other means of transport, creating an interconnected mobility network.

What is the next station?

Line B

Borderouge station


Trois Cocus station

Address: Ramonville

Infrastructure and Passenger Services

Accessibility and welcome

With two strategically positioned entrances, Borderouge offers optimum accessibility for passengers. Whether from the Carrefour Market Les Maourines or the bus station, users benefit from a spacious entrance with automatic ticket machines, real-time information on bus routes, and facilities to facilitate access to platforms, including escalators and lifts.

Service and timetables

The station offers a regular service, following the standard Toulouse metro timetable. Departures start at 5.15 a.m. and end at midnight from Sunday to Thursday, while departures are extended to 3 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, offering an extended timetable to meet users' travel needs.


As the third largest bus terminus in the conurbation, Borderouge is a strategic crossroads for urban and suburban travel. With eight Tisséo lines and two Arc-en-Ciel express lines at the terminus, as well as a vast relay car park, the station facilitates intermodal exchanges and encourages the use of public transport.

How to get to Borderouge station on the Toulouse metro?



Art and Design

Borderouge's artistic soul transcends its utilitarian functions to offer an enriching aesthetic experience. Designed by architects Christian Gout and François Renier, the station features a striking work by artist Alain Josseau. This creation, representing a graphic distortion of the words "ici" and "là", embodies the symbiosis between contemporary art and the urban environment.

Proximity and attractions

In addition to its role as a transport hub, Borderouge offers privileged access to a range of local attractions. From the Carrefour Market shopping centre Le Carré de la Maourine to the gardens of the Natural History Museum, the Borderouge business park and the Metronum concert hall, travellers are spoilt for choice to enhance their stay in this vibrant part of the Pink City.

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More information

Station Borderouge transcends its function as a simple metro station to become a real meeting place, where urban effervescence, contemporary art and the convenience of public transport come together. Whether you live in Toulouse or are just passing through, let yourself be seduced by the bewitching charm of Borderouge, an essential stop-off on your exploration of the pink city.

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