Toulouse metro line A

  1. Safe, practical, sustainable: the Toulouse metro line A commitment to public well-being
  2. The history of line A of the Toulouse metro
  3. Toulouse Metro Line A stations:
  4. Toulouse metro line A timetables and schedules
  5. Fares, tickets and season tickets
    1. • Single ticket (€1.70):
    2. • Double-ride ticket for single users:
    3. • Day ticket (€5.50):
    4. • 2-day ticket (€8.50):
    5. • 3-day ticket (€10.50):
    6. • Evening ticket (€3.10):
    7. • Pass 10 rides (€13.40):
    8. • Group ticket (€5.50):
  6. Toulouse metro line A frequency
  7. Attractions close to Toulouse metro line A
    1. 1. Basso-Cambo:
    2. 2. Balma-Gramont :
    3. 3. Balma Retail Plaza :
    4. 4. Spot Esquirol:
    5. 5. Marengo (Gare SNCF):

Safe, practical, sustainable: the Toulouse metro line A commitment to public well-being

Getting around Toulouse is child's play. This city is not only known for its picturesque landscapes, but also prides itself on revolutionising public transport. Whether you're a local or just passing through, the Toulouse metro offers an experience that goes beyond mere transport. It's a testament to safety, comfort, affordability and sustainability that puts public well-being first.

Today, we're focusing on its flagship line, line A of the Toulouse metro. This power station handles an impressive 350,000 passengers a day, helping them get around and explore the city. So fasten your seatbelts and discover the secrets of line A of the Toulouse metro! Let's go !

The history of line A of the Toulouse metro

In 1993, Toulouse's very first metro line, metro line A, was built. Over the next few years, it expanded from Jolimont to Balma-Gramontn. Then, in 2003, it was extended even further, running from Basso Cambo to the south-west and incorporating three new stations: Bagatelle, Mirail-Université and Reynerie.

The route continued through hotspots such as Capitole, Spot Esquirol, Collège du Mirail and Marengo (the one linked to the main SNCF station), starting at the Balma shopping plaza.

However, line A felt under pressure from line B (2007), line E (2009) and the sophisticated bus lanes. Peak times were getting busier and busier, so they had to take steps to keep things comfortable. In 2010, the line was extended further south-west with the addition of Basso Cambo - Ramonville station.

Between 2015 and 2019, there have been minor extensions and improvements. During this period, five of the 18 stations had short platforms due to budget constraints, but they decided to go further to raise the standard of the line. Later, in 2020, they extended these platforms and doubled the station's capacity.

Underground works
Underground works

Today, this marvellous 12.5 km line seamlessly links Basso-Cambo to Balma Gramont, offering a delightful mix of underground and aerial experiences. This line knows how to make your journey a good time!

Toulouse Metro Line A stations:

Line A of the Toulouse Metro opened in June 1993 and was extended in 2002 from Jolimont to Balma-Gramont. It currently covers a distance of 12.5 kilometres (7.8 mi) and serves 18 stations:

The name of Marengo-SNCF station will change to match the new name of the line C station.

Metro Toulouse Line A
Metro Toulouse Line A

Toulouse metro line A timetables and schedules

Line A in Toulouse opens at 5.15am every day. It closes at midnight from Monday to Thursday, and at 3am on Friday and Saturday. And the most amazing part? The journey to all stations takes 22 minutes and 20 seconds!

Time of Day / Type of DayWaiting Time
Peak hours (working days, without holidays)1 min 50
Off-peak (working days, Saturdays, holidays)3 min
Peak hours (Sundays)4 min 20
Evenings and off-peak (Sundays, public holidays)7 min
Start of Service9 min

Fares, tickets and season tickets

Now let's talk about money. A single journey will cost you €1.70. It's an affordable choice, making it easy for anyone to get around Toulouse without breaking the bank.

buying a metro ticket
buying a metro ticket

What's more, Pastel cards are available in the metro to buy any of the season tickets. Tickets and season tickets are available in the following categories:

• Single ticket (€1.70):

This ticket offers a single journey.

• Double-ride ticket for single users:

This ticket offers two journeys and can only be used by the person who buys it.

• Day ticket (€5.50):

This selection allows unrestricted travel throughout the same day, valid until stations close on the same day.

• 2-day ticket (€8.50):

This type of ticket allows unlimited travel for two days. It is valid until the stations close on the second day.

• 3-day ticket (€10.50):

This option allows unlimited travel within three days. The ticket remains valid until the stations close on the third day.

• Evening ticket (€3.10):

This option allows unlimited travel on the "Réseau Urbain Tisséo" road network from 7pm until the station closes.

• Pass 10 rides (€13.40):

This Pass entitles you to 10 individual rides.

• Group ticket (€5.50):

This option offers 12 journeys per day and can be shared between several people. It is an appropriate choice for those travelling in a group, such as friends or family.

Toulouse metro line A frequency

From Sunday to Thursday, it starts at 5.15am and runs until midnight. From now on, on Fridays and Saturdays, it's early to get up at 3am. Rather practical, isn't it?

The remarkable thing is that it runs every 22 minutes and 30 seconds or so, so you don't have to wait too long. So you can hop on when you're ready, and it'll get you where you need to be with clockwork precision.

The whole journey on the A line takes around 35 minutes - fast and reliable, just the way we like it! So next time you're planning your metro journey, the A line has your back!

DayHours of operationFrequency (min)
Sun12:02 AM - 11:59 PM4 - 9
Mon5:15 AM - 11:53 PM4 - 9
Tue12:00AM - 11:53 PM2 - 6
Wed12:00AM - 11:53 PM2 - 6
Thu12:00AM - 11:53 PM2 - 6
Fri12:00AM - 11:51 PM2 - 6
Sat12:00AM - 11:55 PM3 - 9

Attractions close to Toulouse metro line A

Here are some fantastic places you can visit using line A.

1. Basso-Cambo:

If you want to discover the authentic side of Toulouse, Basso-Cambo is the right place for you. The departure point is at the south-west end of line A, known for its local charm and lively atmosphere.

2. Balma-Gramont :

This area at the north-east terminus is a harmonious blend of modernity and history. Explore the local shops, restaurants and cultural highlights for a complete experience.

3. Balma Retail Plaza :

a shopping paradise! Balma Retail Plaza has a variety of shops and cafés for you. Take a break and have a fantastic cup of coffee when you're tired of all that shopping.

4. Spot Esquirol:

A famous cultural hotspot after the Capitole, Spot Esquirol is where you want to be for theatres, restaurants and a lively nightlife - perfect for entertainment and relaxation.

5. Marengo (Gare SNCF):

As a key transport hub, Marengo connects you to the wider Toulouse network. It's a gateway to further exploration, making it easy to extend your journey beyond the metro lines.

So whether you're a fan of local charm, shopping, cultural highlights or wider exploration, line A has something for everyone!

The Toulouse metro runs on rubber wheels, prioritises passenger safety with platform doors and requires a 750 V power supply to keep running. VAL trains in Toulouse are part of a worldwide team, operating in cities such as Lille, Taipei, Uijeongbu, Rennes, Turin, Paris and even Chicago's O'Hare airport. It's not just a metro; it's a well-connected global journey on wheels!

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