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  3. What is the metro stop before and after Roseraie station?
    1. Roseraie station
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Discover Argoulets: a vibrant metro station in Toulouse

Welcome to Argoulets station, a gem of the Toulouse metro system nestling in the eponymous district in the north-east of the pink city. With its rich history, remarkable accessibility and artistic ambience, Argoulets stands out as an essential part of Toulouse's transport network. Let's delve into the captivating details of this iconic station.

Location and accessibility

Located in the Argoulets district, Argoulets station is at the junction with Rue de Gaillac. Thanks to its strategic location, it offers easy access to the city's residents and visitors. Its imposing access building, adjacent to the Alex-Jany sports complex, stands out as an essential landmark in Toulouse's urban landscape.

Accessibility is central to the design of Argoulets station. Equipped with automatic ticket machines, it welcomes passengers with exemplary ease of use. What's more, its spacious side platforms, equipped with twelve doors, are designed to accommodate 52-metre, four-car trains, guaranteeing smooth, efficient passenger flow.

What is the metro stop before and after Roseraie station?

Line A

Roseraie station

Address: Basso-Cambo


Argoulets station


Balma-Gramont station

Address: Balma-Gramont

History and development

The history of Argoulets is closely linked to that of the Toulouse metro. Line A, inaugurated in 1993, saw the birth of Argoulets station on 20 December 2003. Its opening was the result of an ambitious extension to the line, reflecting the city's commitment to developing its public transport network.

In 2016, the station welcomed no fewer than 1,529,475 validations, making it one of the busiest stations on line A. The station's importance in the daily lives of Toulousans and visitors to the city is clear from the number of validations.

How do I get to Argoulets station on the Toulouse metro?



Services and amenities

Argoulets station is more than just a transit point; it also offers a range of services and amenities to enhance the passenger experience. Regular departures from the Balma-Gramont and Basso-Cambo terminuses ensure maximum accessibility throughout the day, while intermodal facilities, such as the Tisséo and liO bus lines, enhance its connectivity with the rest of the city.

In addition, the station offers a wide range of facilities for mobility-conscious travellers, including a cycle park, a park-and-ride facility for up to 1,050 vehicles, and even a space dedicated to contemporary art.

Art at Argoulets

One of the most striking features of Argoulets station is its commitment to contemporary art. Indeed, every station on the Toulouse metro has a unique work of art, and Argoulets is no exception. The installation entitled "Future Garden" by artist Jacques Vieille is a true visual marvel.

This self-watering hanging garden, erected next to the access building, offers passengers an immersive aesthetic experience, adding an artistic dimension to their daily commute.

Which line does Argoulets belong to?

More information

Argoulets station perfectly embodies the essence of the Toulouse metro: efficiency, accessibility and artistic commitment. Whether for a daily commute or a more in-depth exploration of the city, Argoulets remains a must for anyone wishing to discover the best that Toulouse has to offer.

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