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    1. Balma-Gramont station
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Discover Balma - Gramont : An exceptional metro station

Welcome to Balma - Gramont, a metro station located at the junction of the cities of Balma and Toulouse. In this article, we'll delve into the finer details of this station, from its fascinating history to its modern services and exemplary accessibility. Get ready to find out everything you need to know about this underground enclave at the heart of the Toulouse region's transport network.

Railway situation

Balma - Gramont station, built underground, is the north-east terminus of line A of the Toulouse metro. Strategically positioned before Argoulets station on the way to the south-west terminus at Basso Cambo, it occupies a central position in the region's transport network.

What is the next station?

Line A

Balma-Gramont station


Argoulets station

Address: Basso-Cambo

Histoire Captivante

L'histoire de la station Balma - Gramont remonte à son ouverture le 20 décembre 2003, après des travaux commencés en 2001. À cette époque, la ligne A était déjà en activité depuis 1993, mais c'est en 2003 qu'elle a été étendue jusqu'à devenir le terminus que nous connaissons aujourd'hui. Auparavant, le terminus de la ligne se trouvait à la station Jolimont, marquant ainsi un tournant majeur dans l'histoire du réseau de métro toulousain.

Ridership and frequency

In 2013, Balma - Gramont welcomed more than 4.6 million passengers, making it the fifth busiest station on line A. This ridership has been maintained over the years, with 4,682,562 validations recorded in 2016, representing 8% of the line's total traffic. These figures testify to the crucial importance of this station in the region's public transport network.

How do I get to Balma-Gramont station on the Toulouse metro?



Development and works

Modernising and adapting to the growing needs of passengers is a key concern at Balma - Gramont. Between 2017 and 2019, the station underwent work as part of the project to double the length of line A trains, from 26 to 52 metres. These improvements have made it possible to optimise the efficiency of the network and offer users a higher-quality service.

Passenger Services

Accessibility and welcome

Balma - Gramont station stands out for its exemplary accessibility. With two entrances equipped with lifts, stairs and escalators, it offers easy access to passengers, whether they are arriving from the bus station or the nearby shopping centre. What's more, automatic ticket machines make it easy to buy tickets, ensuring a smooth and pleasant experience for users.

Service and intermodality

From Sunday to Thursday, Balma - Gramont is served from 5.15am to midnight, and up to 3am on Fridays and Saturdays, providing extensive timetable coverage to meet passengers' needs. What's more, its strategic position makes it a major transport hub, providing users with easy access to Toulouse city centre and the surrounding communes via the Tisséo bus network and the liO coach network.

Art and culture

In addition to its functional role, Balma - Gramont is also home to a remarkable work of art by Jean-Michel Othoniel. This creation, a circular garden located at the heart of a large roundabout, adds an artistic and cultural touch to the urban environment, offering passengers an enriching experience within the station.

Which line does Balma-Gramont belong to?

More information

Balma - Gramont is much more than just a metro station. A witness to the history and development of the Toulouse region's transport network, it is a crucial nodal point in the daily lives of passengers. With its exemplary accessibility, modern services and commitment to art and culture, Balma - Gramont continues to be an essential pillar of the region's urban landscape, offering users an unrivalled travel experience.

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