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  3. What is the metro stop before and after Capitole station?
    1. Esquirol station
    2. Capitole station
    3. Jean-Jaurès station
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Discover the Capitole station of the Toulouse metro

Welcome to the Capitole station, a jewel of the Toulouse metro located in the heart of the pink city. In this article, we will delve into the depths of this iconic resort, exploring its fascinating history, unique architecture, and the services it offers its travelers.

Geographic and historical location

The Capitole station, called Capitòli in Occitan, was inaugurated on June 26, 1993, as part of the first section of line A of the Toulouse metro. It is strategically located on Place Charles-de-Gaulle, in the neighborhood of the same name, in the vicinity of the famous Place du Capitole and Rue Alsace-Lorraine, in the heart of the hyper-centre of Toulouse.

What is the metro stop before and after Capitole station?

Line A

Esquirol station

Address: Basso-Cambo


Capitole station


Jean-Jaurès station

Address: Balma-Gramont

Features and accessibility

Capitole is a metro station that offers two tracks and a central platform to accommodate commuters. With three different access points, one of which is equipped with a lift for people with reduced mobility, it guarantees optimal accessibility for all users. In 2016, it registered no less than 4,765,379 validations, demonstrating its crucial importance in the Toulouse transport network.

Arquitectura y Obra de Arte

Desde el punto de vista arquitectónico, la estación Capitole destaca por su diseño moderno y funcional. El artista Giulio Paolini contribuyó con una obra única, compuesta por columnas de granito gris claro, creando una atmósfera artística única para los viajeros.

How do I get to Capitole station on the Toulouse metro?



Access and Reception

Access to the station from Place Charles-de-Gaulle is easy thanks to a stepped staircase, two escalators or an elevator. From Alsace-Lorraine Street, two stairs also allow access to the station. Inside, ATMs make it easy to purchase transport tickets, while a large central platform offers optimal comfort to travelers.

Service and schedules

As in the entire Toulouse metro network, the first departures from the terminals are at 5:15 a.m., the last departures at midnight from Sunday to Thursday and at 3 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, thus guaranteeing a regular and efficient service during all the way.


Although the station is no longer in direct connection with other lines of the Tisséo network, the Navette Centre-Ville offers stops nearby, guaranteeing perfect intermodality for travelers wishing to explore the surroundings of the Capitol.


In addition to its essential role in the transport network, Capitole station offers privileged access to many emblematic places in Toulouse. Among them, we include the Town Hall, the Théâtre du Capitole, the Tourist Office and the University of Toulouse-I-Capitole, making this station a true point of cultural and historical convergence in the heart of the city.

Which line does Capitole belong to?

More information

The Capitole station of the Toulouse metro stands out for its strategic location, its modern architecture and its central role in the city's transport network. Offering quality services and optimal accessibility, it single-handedly embodies the essence of urban life in Toulouse. Whether you are a local resident or a visitor passing through, be sure to discover this essential stop on your next visit to Toulouse.

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