Bagatelle metro station

  1. Discover Bagatelle: A Metro Station
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  3. What is the previous stop and the next stop?
    1. Mirail-Université station
    2. Bagatelle station
    3. Mermoz station
  4. Architectural features
  5. How do I get to Bagatelle station on the Toulouse metro?
  6. Evolution and modernisation
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  8. Service and intermodality
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Discover Bagatelle: A Metro Station

Welcome to Bagatelle, an iconic metro station located in the heart of Toulouse, in the district of the same name. The exceptional services offered by this key station on line A of the Toulouse metro.

Location and history

Located at rue Henri-Desbals, between the Bagatelle and La Faourette districts, Bagatelle opened to passengers on 26 June 1993. It is part of the first section of line A, which runs for 10 kilometres between Basso-Cambo and Jolimont. Since then, it has played a crucial role in the Pink City's transport network.

What is the previous stop and the next stop?

Line A


Bagatelle station


Mermoz station

Address: Balma-Gramont

Architectural features

Bagatelle metro station stands out for its underground architecture and side platforms. With two entrances to facilitate passenger entry, this station also offers total accessibility, making travel smooth and convenient for everyone.

How do I get to Bagatelle station on the Toulouse metro?



Evolution and modernisation

Over the years, Bagatelle station has evolved to meet the growing needs of passengers. In 2017-2019, major work was undertaken as part of the introduction of 52-metre-long trains on line A. These improvements have increased capacity and passenger comfort, while maintaining the highest safety standards.

Services and accessibility

Bagatelle metro is committed to offering its passengers an exceptional travel experience. Equipped with automatic ticket machines, the station also has a lift and two staircases to ensure optimum accessibility for all passengers.

Service and intermodality

Bagatelle station is served by line 13 of the Tisséo network, offering passengers convenient transfer options. In addition, its strategic location close to various facilities such as the Henri Desbals Cultural Centre and several schools makes it a hub for the local community.

Art at Bagatelle

In addition to its functionality, Bagatelle is also a place where art meets everyday life. The artwork associated with the station, created by artist Dimitry Orlac, offers passengers a unique visual experience, highlighting creativity and aesthetics in an urban environment.

Which line does Bagatelle belong to?

More information

Bagatelle metro station in Toulouse is much more than just a metro station. It's a symbol of the efficiency, progress and culture that characterise the city of Toulouse. Whether for your daily commute or to discover the city's artistic treasures, Bagatelle invites you to embark on an unforgettable experience in the heart of the pink city.

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