Mermoz metro station

  1. Discover Mermoz Station: A dynamic pole in the heart of Toulouse
  2. Geographical Location and Accessibility
  3. What is the metro stop before and after Mermoz station?
    1. Bagatelle station
    2. Mermoz station
    3. Fontaine-Lestang station
  4. History and Evolution
  5. How do I get to Mermoz station on the Toulouse metro?
  6. Services and Facilities
  7. Intermodality and Urban Art
  8. Influx and Perspectives
  9. Which line does Mermoz belong to?
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Discover Mermoz Station: A dynamic pole in the heart of Toulouse

Welcome to Mermoz station, a gem of the Toulouse metro network, strategically located at the intersection of Jean-Mermoz street and Henri-Desbals street, in the lively districts of Fontaine-RueLestang, Bagatelle and La Faourette. With its opening in 1993, it forms an integral part of line A, offering essential connectivity for the inhabitants and visitors of the pink city.

Geographical Location and Accessibility

Mermoz metro station in Toulouse is centrally located in the city of Toulouse, providing easy access for residents and travellers. Accessible from a lift and a staircase, it guarantees universal accessibility, in accordance with the strictest standards. Its wide lateral platforms, equipped with eight doors, comfortably accommodate passengers and allow a flow of fluid traffic at any time of the day.

What is the metro stop before and after Mermoz station?

Line A

Bagatelle station

Address: Basso-Cambo


Mermoz station


Fontaine-Lestang station

Address: Balma-Gramont

History and Evolution

A witness to the evolution of the city’s transport network, the Mermoz metro station in Toulouse was inaugurated on 26 June 1993, marking the beginning of a new era of urban mobility in Toulouse. Over the years, it has undergone significant changes to respond to the growing needs of users. In particular, the works between 2017 and 2019 have allowed to adapt the infrastructure to accommodate trains of 52 meters, thus offering a greater capacity and optimal comfort to the customers.

How do I get to Mermoz station on the Toulouse metro?



Services and Facilities

The Mermoz stop is not limited to a simple transit point, but offers a range of services to facilitate the daily life of travellers. ATMs allow the practical purchase of transport tickets, while extended schedules guarantee maximum accessibility, with departures from 5.15 to 12.00 a week and until 3.00 a Friday and Saturday.

Intermodality and Urban Art

As an intermodal hub, the Mermoz metro is connected to the Tisséo bus network, offering a multitude of options for getting around the city and its surroundings. It is also home to a captivating work of art by the talented painter Jean-Paul Chambas in 1992. This fresco, a testament to the region’s cultural richness, adds an artistic dimension to the Toulouse metro experience.

Influx and Perspectives

With 778 424 validations registered in 2016, the metro station Mermoz plays an essential role in the transport network of Toulouse, despite its position among the less frequented stations of line A. However, its importance cannot be underestimated, because it remains a crucial link in the system, contributing to the fluidity and efficiency of urban movements.

Which line does Mermoz belong to?

More information

Mermoz station perfectly embodies the dynamic and evolutionary spirit of the city of Toulouse. Constantly adapted to the needs of its population, it remains a vital element of the urban landscape, offering a reliable, accessible and comfortable service to all who frequent it. Whether for a daily trip or an occasional exploration of the city, Mermoz is here to welcome you and accompany you on your travels.

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