Fontaine-Lestang metro station

  1. Discover Fontaine-Lestang: an iconic metro station in Toulouse
  2. Geographic and historical location
  3. Architecture and design
  4. What is the metro stop before and after Fontaine-Lestang station?
    1. Mermoz station
    2. Fontaine-Lestang station
    3. station Arènes
  5. Services and Accessibility
  6. How do I get to Fontaine-Lestang station on the Toulouse metro?
  7. Future projects
  8. Which line does Fontaine-Lestang belong to?
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Discover Fontaine-Lestang: an iconic metro station in Toulouse

Fontaine-Lestang, a name that resonates in the ears of Toulouse as a symbol of mobility, culture and history. Located in the district of the same name, this metro station is much more than a simple transit point; It is the vibrant reflection of the soul of the pink city. Let's immerse ourselves together in the fascinating details of this station that continues to captivate travelers and curious people.

Geographic and historical location

The Fontaine-Lestang station, inaugurated in 1993, has witnessed the urban transformations of Toulouse. Located at the crossroads of Louis-Vestrepain and Henri-Desbals streets, it stands proudly in the neighborhood of the same name, full of rich history and vibrant community life. Its opening marks a milestone in the expansion of the city's urban transport network, providing residents with access to different points in Toulouse.

Architecture and design

The architecture of the station, although sober, is not without character. Established underground, it is distinguished by its functional structure and its distribution designed to optimize the flow of travelers. Equipped with wide side platforms and twelve doors that facilitate boarding and disembarkation, Fontaine-Lestang combines practicality and aesthetics.

But what makes this station unique is undoubtedly its iconic artwork, designed by the talented Herv√© and Richard Di Rosa. The ‚Äúnursery‚ÄĚ that illuminates the walls of the station, with its playful sculptures and its mural mosaic titled ‚ÄúThe Rose of the Winds‚ÄĚ, transports travelers to a poetic and colorful universe, awakening the senses and imagination.

What is the metro stop before and after Fontaine-Lestang station?

Line A

Mermoz station

Address: Basso-Cambo


Fontaine-Lestang station


station Arènes

Address: Balma-Gramont

Services and Accessibility

Fontaine-Lestang aims above all to be accessible to everyone. Located in the heart of the district of the same name, it offers services adapted to the needs of travelers. The station, although underground, is equipped with modern facilities to guarantee the comfort and safety of users.

Four levels extend underground, with access facilitated by stairs and elevators. Furthermore, the absence of escalators is in no way an obstacle, because every detail has been thought of to facilitate the movement of people with reduced mobility.

How do I get to Fontaine-Lestang station on the Toulouse metro?



Future projects

Fontaine - Lestang metro station continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of the city and its inhabitants. The platform expansion work, carried out between 2017 and 2019, demonstrates the constant commitment of local authorities to improve the traveler experience.

With the introduction of 52 meter long trains in 2020, the station has increased its capacity, ready to accommodate increasing passenger flows. These future projects confirm the crucial role of Fontaine-Lestang in the Toulouse transport network, as a nerve center of urban mobility.

Which line does Fontaine-Lestang belong to?

More information

The Fontaine-Lestang station, much more than a simple metro station, is a place of meeting, discovery and memory. Between its functional architecture, its artistic design and its commitment to accessibility, it embodies the values of a city in motion. Toulouse, with its Fontaine-Lestang station, continues to surprise and inspire us, and each trip is an invitation to further explore the hidden treasures of this dynamic city.

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