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  1. Discover Reynerie Station in Toulouse: A Complete Guide
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    1. Bellefontaine station
    2. Reynerie station
    3. Mirail-Université station
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  7. How do I get to Reynerie station on the Toulouse metro?
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Discover Reynerie Station in Toulouse: A Complete Guide

Welcome to Reynerie station on the Toulouse metro! Nestling in the heart of the La Reynerie district, this station offers much more than just convenient transport. Let's delve into the history, unique features and services offered by this underground stop.

Location and History

Reynerie station, inaugurated on 26 June 1993, is an essential pillar of line A of the Toulouse metro. Located precisely on the Place André-Abbal, it enjoys a strategic position close to the peaceful Reynerie lake in south-west Toulouse. Its opening marked the start of a new era in urban travel in the region.

Situation on the Network

Reynerie station is located underground between the Bellefontaine and Mirail - Université stops, as part of the route linking Basso-Cambo to Balma - Gramont. This strategic location makes it accessible to a wide public, contributing to its crucial role in Toulouse's transport network.

What is the previous stop and the next stop?

Line A

Bellefontaine station

Address: Basso-Cambo


Reynerie station


Mirail-Université station

Address: Balma-Gramont

Evolution and Services

Since its creation, Reynerie station has undergone several phases of development to adapt to the growing needs of passengers. In 2016, it recorded no fewer than 1,019,765 validations, testifying to its importance in the urban landscape. Recent works, which will be completed in 2019, have enabled the integration of longer trains, providing increased capacity and optimum comfort for users.

Passenger Services

Accessibility and comfort

Reynerie station stands out for its exemplary accessibility, with easy access via a staircase and lift from Place André-Abbal. Inside the station, passengers can use automatic ticket machines to purchase tickets, as well as side platforms equipped with twelve platform doors. These facilities guarantee a smooth and safe travel experience.

Timetables and intermodality

The station follows the standard Toulouse metro timetable, with regular departures from 5.15 a.m. until midnight on weekdays, and until 3 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Although it does not offer direct intermodality with other public transport lines, its proximity to line 14 provides additional options for passengers wishing to continue their journey.

How do I get to Reynerie station on the Toulouse metro?



Art and culture

The visual identity of Reynerie station is marked by a unique work of art created by the artist Takis. Shafts of light and large, colourful Archimedes screws add an aesthetic and cultural dimension to the passenger experience, transforming their journey into a veritable artistic escapade.

Discover La Reynerie

Exploring the area around Reynerie station, travellers will have the opportunity to discover various places of interest, such as the Collège Raymond Badiou, the Caisse primaire d'assurance maladie de la Reynerie and the peaceful Reynerie park and lake. These local attractions add an extra touch of charm to this not-to-be-missed stop on the Toulouse metro.

Which line does Reynerie belong to?

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