Saint-Cyprien – République metro station

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  2. Location and Accessibility
  3. What is the metro stop before and after Saint-Cyprien – République station?
    1. Patte d'Oie station
    2. Saint-Cyprien – République station
    3. Esquirol station
  4. History and Architecture
  5. How do I get to Saint-Cyprien – République station on the Toulouse metro?
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Discover the Saint-Cyprien station – République de Toulouse

The Saint-Cyprien – République metro station, a true jewel of the Toulouse transport network, is an emblematic place located in the Saint-Cyprien district, on the left bank of the Garonne. Opening its doors to the public since 1993, it offers travelers a unique experience, combining modern architecture, contemporary art and functionality.

Location and Accessibility

Located in the heart of the Saint-Cyprien district, Saint-Cyprien – République station is easily accessible from three independent entrances. Two of them face the sidewalks of the inner square of Saint-Cyprien, while the third is located at the intersection of Allée Charles-de-Fitte and said square.

This remarkable accessibility makes it a preferred transit point for residents and visitors to Toulouse. In addition, the station is equipped with automatic machines for purchasing transport tickets, making travel easier for everyone.

What is the metro stop before and after Saint-Cyprien – République station?

Line A

Patte d’Oie station

Address: Basso-Cambo


Saint-Cyprien – République station


Esquirol station

Address: Balma-Gramont

History and Architecture

The Saint-Cyprien – République station, inaugurated on June 26, 1993, is testimony to the harmonious union between contemporary architecture and historical heritage. Designed by the Brunerie & Irissou Architectes agency, it stands out for its innovative and functional design. Despite the challenges related to its location in a protected area, the agency was able to rise to the challenge brilliantly, seamlessly integrating the station into its urban environment.

With an operational length of 26 meters, the station has side platforms with capacity for two-car metro trains. Its underground architecture also provides advanced security measures, including watertight doors, due to its location in a flood zone. Additionally, contemporary artwork by François Morellet, present inside and outside the station, adds a unique artistic dimension to the travelers' experience.

How do I get to Saint-Cyprien – République station on the Toulouse metro?



Services and Intermodality

The Saint-Cyprien – République station offers a full range of services to travelers, ensuring a comfortable and safe journey. In addition to ATMs, it has nine-door platforms, which makes it easier for passengers to board and disembark. Thanks to its strategic location, the station is also an essential interconnection point, served by several bus lines of the Tisséo and Réseau Arc-en-Ciel networks.

Future projects and developments

Although already notable, the Saint-Cyprien – République station continues to evolve to meet the growing needs of its users. Between 2017 and 2019, work was carried out to commission 52-meter-long trains on line A of the metro. These improvements, focused on the comfort and safety of travelers, have allowed us to optimize the travel experience and guarantee efficient service for years to come.

Which line does Saint-Cyprien – République belong to?

More informati

The Saint-Cyprien – République station embodies the excellence of Toulouse's public transport network. With its unique combination of contemporary architecture, urban art and functionality, it offers travelers an unforgettable experience. Whether getting around the city or simply admiring its remarkable design, this station remains an essential part of Toulouse's urban life.

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