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    1. Reynerie station
    2. Mirail-Université station
    3. Bagatelle station
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Discover Mirail - Université : The Toulouse Metro

Welcome to Mirail - Université, an emblematic station on line A of the Toulouse metro, located in the heart of the Mirail district of Toulouse.

Location and history

Mirail - Université station was inaugurated on 26 June 1993, as part of the extension of line A of the Toulouse metro. It is strategically located at rue de l'Université-du-Mirail, close to the Université Toulouse-Jean-Jaurès. Since its opening, it has been a central point in the city's public transport network, making it easier for students, residents and visitors to get around.

What is the previous stop and the next stop?

Line A

Reynerie station

Address: Basso-Cambo


Mirail-Université station


Bagatelle station

Address: Balma-Gramont

Features and services

Mirail - Université is an underground station with side platforms, offering optimum accessibility for passengers. It has modern, functional architecture designed to accommodate metro trains and facilitate passenger flow. With its automatic ticket machines, it is easy to purchase tickets, making daily travel more convenient.

Service and intermodality

The station is served by line 14 of the Tisséo network, providing efficient intermodality for passengers. The departure times of the trains are designed to meet the needs of users, with departures from 5.15 a.m. until midnight on weekdays, and until 3 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, ensuring optimum connectivity with other means of transport.

How do I get to Mirail-Université station on the Toulouse metro?



Art and culture

A unique feature of the Mirail - Université metro station is the presence of fascinating works of art by the artist Daniel Coulet. Drawings adorn the walls of the ticket hall, while sculptures embellish each platform. These works, depicting tree-flowers and flower-stalagmites, add an artistic and cultural dimension to the passenger experience, transforming the daily commute into a veritable aesthetic exploration.

Ridership and future

With over 2.4 million validations in 2016, Mirail - Université station occupies an important place in Toulouse's transport network. Its central role in the daily lives of residents and students makes it a key element in the city's urban landscape. For the future, continuous improvement projects are planned to guarantee an ever more efficient and pleasant service for passengers.

Which line does Mirail - Université belong to?

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